Shrekfest 2018 - Labor Day Weekend - Madison, WI

"Celebrates all things Shrek."

"The death of irony."

"Exactly as intended: weird"

Join us in 2018 for 3GI's Annual Celebration of Love and Life! Shrekfest is an outdoor screening of the 2001 masterpiece that takes place every Labor Day Weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. You and your friends will enjoy our Shrek-tastic refreshments and games, including the infamous onion eating contest!

"Trumpet ears and grunting competitions: this is Shrekfest"

"We did not know that this subculture existed."

"The largest gathering of Shrek enthusiasts on the planet."





Q: Is this real?

A: It's very real, this year being the fifth annual Shrekfest to grace Madison.


Q: Who can, or should, attend Shrekfest?

A: Anyone who can make it is welcome to check out Shrekfest! We simply ask that you be respectful to the fest, the park, and your fellow festival-goers. Remember, Shrekfest is an event open to Shrek fans of all ages, be respectful of those around you!


Q: Is there a dress code for Shrekfest?

A: Your favorite Shrek character, of course.


Q: What's the food and drink situation?

A: Shrek-themed refreshments will be available at the fest, highlighted by the onion eating contest.


Q: Is this an official DreamWorks event?

A: This is a fan-made event by 3GI


Q: What is the outdoor screening of Shrek?

A: Precisely that: an outdoor screening of Shrek, with enthusiastic audience participation I might add. So bring your fold-out chair, a comfy blanket, and some bug spray, and we'll see you at the swamp!

2017 (c) 3GI Industries. All Rihgts reserved :)

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